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Great evil in history before the great calligrapher

text / Yu Jin

evaluation of China's ancient calligraphy, book character is a flesh and blood products Huo's whole character in the book ever Hao goods, calligraphy knowledge Dian to degree of integration of quality Hao Dian embodiment. Sima buy skagen watches online Guang once said: it Shengde Che, villains, and many believe the character of the lower house of books calligraphy bvlgari rettangolo rt 45 s l3015 collection Zang home, equal to the evil of the gas collection Zang, not only tarnished the family traditions, but also detrimental to his character, therefore, a traitor Cai Jing Dian Dian Yan Hao and other triazine cypress although we called calligraphy, calligraphy works, but they rarely handed down, the so-called because people waste words. ingratiate oneself castrated Figure Zhang Rui party, the nature and Yan watch replicas for sale Hao and his ilk are different, their stubborn mien calligraphy was later accepted.

CAI: calligraphy dreams body

CAI (1047 ~ 1126), Current build Xianyou people, characters long, for the Huizong Gan , but always bvlgari rettangolo rt 45 s l3015 soon reinstated from chongning first year (112 years) as the Shang Cai Pushe (equivalent to the terms of the second prime minister) and assistant minister in the play book (after six months, it is Chi became Cai Jing Zuopu She and Men under the assistant minister, became the first prime minister when Gan) to Jingkang first year (1126) strike his official post only, 20 years, four times removed, and only use four times and finally, to 81 years, CAI, ear Me head faint, faltering, Huizong also rely heavily on him, until his abdication.

CAI calligraphy sui generis, and even proud of Mi Fu Wang had said that the calligraphy as CAI is said that a CAI asked Mi Fu: Calligraphy today who the best? Mi bvlgari rettangolo rt 45 s l3015 A: Tangang public right after the count on the tinkling of your brother you Huo Cai Bian had. CAI Q: next? Mi Fu said: of course I when Shi Cai bvlgari rettangolo rt 45 s l3015 fan cooler. CAI hearts joy, so Jiao had fans, the title for them in the above two Du Fu's poems. I did not expect a few days later, these two guys Hu then lavish them, I asked and found out, their fans are a bit Wales Hua Liao bought twenty thousand. twenty thousand Liao, roughly equivalent to one when Shi Pu Tong Hua Xiao people a year, while the Prince is on the throne before Deng Huizong. can imagine, the Ben calligraphy itself is how everyone's favorite CAI Huizong works.

Jianzhong Yasukuni first year (1101) in the early autumn Shi Festival, eunuch Tong Guan Gong Fengguan as the inner court, was sent to Hangzhou set out the Authority, its functions Huang Di is a collection of pictures and text to play This Shi, Cai Jing banished nearly a year living in Hangzhou is said, he provided a list of Tong Guan, to help him make plans to make the city of Hangzhou a few pieces of non-flow Zang immortal masterpieces for, falling into the hands of Tong Guan which has the word Dian Wang Youjun Gu Hong of the painting, as well as the Southern Tang Zhou Huizong dream moment much to show his face. Jue good eunuch Tong Guan as an intermediary, Huang Di further deepened appreciation of the CAI, while Tong Guan and Cai Jing and it has two collusion, collusion, bvlgari rettangolo rado replica watches rt 45 s l3015 where to buy swiss army backpack Guo rely Zhuo Huizong, step by step will be a large drag Sung Gan down the abyss of disaster. Song's death, largely due to Huizong pet with this eloquent minister Cai Jing and Tong Guan Dian Hao Qiu of the believers, while Huizong Hunkui incompetent, Huang shameless prostitution invicta watches sales deals , and finally his son Qinzong Huo become a captive of .80-year-old

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